macquarie hair specialises in all types of colour treatments and bespoke styling. 

The salon owner 'Jesse' has excellent credentials as a quality stylist.  She was trained to the highest level of trade skills in China and then chose to further her ongoing education by undertaking specialist Toni & Guy cutting/styling and colour training in Shanghai.  Prior to coming to Australia in 2010, Jesse undertook a five month course in Vidal Sassoon styling in Beijing.

In 2015, she attended a top-level colour professional course (Vidal Sassoon Academy, Shanghai) where, aside from learning a whole lot of new tricks, techniques and methods for designing and applying interesting colour combinations and styles to one's hair, she also completed the course as one of the top students. 

In 2018, Jesse attended Vidal Sassoon Academy in London to further round out her competencies in Sassoon cutting, styling and colour work.

Jesse has 15 years of experience in the digital perm techniques that are still being discovered by western salons. In UK, digital perming was introduced as a 'new' technique at the London Salon International Show (October 2011). Europe, USA and now Australia are slowly following suit.

Jesse is also expert in the use of steam hair processors and uses these for conditioning, hair remediation, perm and colour work. Again, the use of steam is relatively 'new' here but when used in combination with other salon treatments, has the effect of leaving the hair softer, smoother and shinier.

Whilst macquarie hair is the first salon that Jesse has opened in Australia, she is no stranger to the business of operating and managing a busy hair-salon. Jesse has over twenty years of experience in the salon business having previously had salons that have run 12 hours a day, 7 days a week with busy teams of up to six talented stylists and hairdressers. In making the change to regional Australia and establishing her business here in Bathurst, Jesse is seeking to create a relaxed salon atmosphere where clients and herself can both enjoy the benefits of a quieter pace to life...

Jesse is passionate about creating a style of hair for you that suits both your needs and your lifestyle.  

    We look forward to seeing you soon...

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